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Nice.  I think it's a good start.  It's not super fun to play right now, but I can see the potential if you can flesh it out with some of the features you mention in your article.

Obviously, content and variety is needed (that will come with more dialogue and resource management features), but here are some other suggestions for improvement:

  • Make the map scrollable/zoomable so you can get an idea where everything is.  As a new visitor to the land, when I'm asked to go to a certain place, I don't know where that is, so I have no idea even what direction to head.  That made the game frustrating.
  • When there's a "lead", put an icon on the map at that location so I can understand where I'm supposed to be going.
  • I would put more leads in closer proximity rather than having fewer leads spread out all over creation.  Sometimes, I should be choosing between multiple leads to follow rather than only having one thing to do in each town.
  • If you're really going to go Epic, you should be able to have NPC characters join up and leave your party over the course of the journey.  Maybe start with your own lone character and you pick up heroes along the way.  (This would also be an interesting part of your generated stories - the entry and exit points/criteria for your NPC companions.)
  • Given the "Epic" focus of your game, maybe what you could do is remove the numeric combat system entirely and replace it with a narrative one.  I.e., instead of having some numerically-driven simplistic system, you define combat vignettes that are story based.  Do you allow that NPC to get killed, or do you take a wound yourself?  Do you charge the archer or run for cover?  Etc.  If you rolled this into a more generic encounter vignette system, it could work with your resource management stuff, too – as you go through these vignettes, you gain and lose arbitrary traits, which can influence the availability of different options in later vignettes.

Anyway, an interesting project.  Interested to see how it proceeds.  (The procedural plot in your game reminds me of the "ploxel"-based plot generation I did for Arkham After Midnight, so I'm inclined to be interested in this stuff.)