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I had a run that ended at the twelfth planet because I thought it was the best I could find... final result shows I didn't realise how bad it really was! I was aiming for a high-score I should say!

The planet was Marginal, Moderate, Moderate, Oceans, Poor but with a moon that was Metal-Rich. This was a better word than I had yet found... the only one without any "red" results and the only one with more than two "green"s despite two upgraded scanners, nevermind the metal-rich moon. On the other side it had Outstanding ugliness (which was the final straw that sent me into Warring-states that destroyed my cultural database!) as well as Poisonous plants (really nasty), Dangerous animals (not that bad really - especially compared to the plants!) and Dangerous ruins (apparently all your colonists go there so I lost a third of them!!!)

Final score: 4525 - with 29% scientific database, 0% cultural database and a warring states iron age civilisation! (963 colonists survived landing)

I feel like this might be nearly the worst score possible for a planet with no pre-existing civilisation and such a good planet geology. (I was also turned away from another system with a beautiful planet because they didn't want us... this was ultimately one of the worst or worst run of fortune I've had in this game!)

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Ha!  I got something worse!  I ran out of probes and had already visited 25 planets so I found a planet with Breathable, Low, Moderate, Oceans, Rich.  On top of that when I landed it had a metal rich moon, outstanding beauty, and Monumental ruins.  But it also had Poisonous Plants and Dangerous animals.  I had 639 survivors after landing but they were all killed leaving me with a score of 2889.  And I was trying to get a good score.

Also this is not my lowest just I felt I had good odds with this then got a trash score.  My lowest is 2200.

Yeah, that was rough indeed... those plants should not be underestimated... I always think of them as triffids! :D