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I just figured out how I can play the game again. When I turn my internet off it works. So I will be playing offline mode now... :) yey

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Sorry for the delayed reply - I was travelling and just got back late last night.

In any case: That helps! I'll make sure to find out this week and put up a hotfix so you can turn on your internet again :) Also the end of the mail is :)

Also, if you have some time, please send your save game over so I can give it a look. My mac runs the game normally and I have no such issues, so maybe the log file would help.

Lastly: If you do get in touch I can send you test builds that may fix the issue. Since I can't reproduce it locally it's hard to say what triggers it. A random question: Do you have STEAM on your system?


Yes I do have Steam on my system, have not opened it for a few weeks...
O wow, I just tried opening it now with internet on and it worked. Not sure what the problem was but it seemed to fix itself.
Sorry for the false alarm/confusion and Thank you for the quick reply's and your work with this amazing game.
All the best :)

Hm. Very strange.