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Really, really fun game! I liked the challenge and must have died a hundred times trying to get past 35 apples hahahaha
I'll keep trying until 50 tho, never give up! >_>

The cycles spinning are really cool and fitting. The apples you collect being arranged in a spiral is a really nice touch.

My only suggestion would be to add  stuff to happen when the player resists through a year or season. Maybe add a bonus apple or speed boost? or maybe a teleportation device :O

Anyway, great game :)

Oh, I almost forgot: I sent the game as a challenge for my coworkers, and we are trying to see if someone will get to 50! (nobody until now hahaha)

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I'm glad you liked it! I don't know why power-ups never occurred to me while I was making this, but they could be really cool, and a good way of off-setting some of the increase in difficulty.

Great job on getting to 35. You'll have to let me know if anyone actually beats it! Then there's always hard mode. ;)