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What was the cause exactly? Was I close? Or maybe it was a regional thing?

Either way congrats on removing a showstopping bug that didn't occur on your machine.


The real cause is way more… stupid than that. I simply forgot to create new root directory in drive C.

Normally when you save file at root “%userprofile%/appdata/local/Pixels_Composer/[file]” it will automatically create directory “Pixels_Composer/”.

On version <=0.9 I make it create log file at root immediately, so a new directory is created. However in version >0.9 I make it copy default collection to a folder inside root dir first, so the root directory is not created and the program freak out.

The fix is literally just check for root directory and create one if it does not exist.

That makes sense to me. The cause of the missing directory was different from what I anticipated, but the outcome is the same.