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*whew*  That was fun, but tough, at least for a panicky player like me.  In 10 tries of normal mode, my best scores were both 16/50.  I'm glad that arrow keys work in addition to WASD, since my left hand isn't quite as dexterous, (no Latin pun intended.)  I like how there's a difficulty curve to it, (even though I didn't get very far up it), with the increasing number, variety, size, and motion of enemies.  The varying speed of enemies and lifetime of apples over time is pretty neat, too.  It might be interesting to have another type of enemy that just gets in the way instead of ending the game, or some other sort of obstacle to vary the play space a bit.  I am very glad that enemies seem not to spawn too close to the character, else I wouldn't have even made it as far as I did, haha. :)

Thanks for playing and your comments! Having one of the seasons break up the game arena is a really interesting idea. I wish I'd thought of it for the jam, as three of the four seasonal enemies are functionally identical. It also would have helped the difficulty curve not ramp up quite as quickly. I realized the difficulty curve was really tough after I submitted it (I thought it was going to be easy, which is why I added a hard mode). If I could tweak it a little, I would have made the normal mode the hard mode and made something easier (if just a lower, more reachable target) the easy mode.

I made sure to not let the enemies spawn too close to the player. It's no fun when you die to something completely out of your control. One of my goals was to have everything (mostly) predictable for a player, so theoretically someone acting perfectly could play forever (until the screen filled up with enemies).