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The miner was removed. The system is modularized so the miner will be download able within the app and its not a poor user experience, its genious. It only mines when the headset is removed, since you dont need the gpu if your not in vr. Okay, well, since you cant really use the app without oculus home integration, its a bit unnecessairy to include the binary, since its autoinstalled with the key. Itch should support selling licence keys. Lets put that on your dev's todo list


If you properly disclose what is happening - that's fine, i guess. Personally - if i was aware of a game using a miner, i would just skip it entirely. If you don't disclose it super clearly - it's malware, pure and simple. 

Here are some of the things you may want to do when your headset is not on:

  •  use computer 
    • watch a video
    • use a browser (yes, those things use GPU, shocker, right?)
    • look at your screen (who would have thunk it that GPU is used to generate and send images to your screen?)

Also, in the place where I live electricity is not free. I live in a fairly small apartment in mild climate, so when my GPU gets hot - it affects the temperature in the room significantly, it's part of the reason why I have a powerful GPU - to make sure it stays at fairly low load most of the time.

I'm sorry for my attitude, I don't really mean to judge your choices, but calling that miner "genius" is, in my opinion, a premature conclusion at best.


You can sell license keys, check the "External keys" section on your project's edit dashboard. You can use the "Other" section for your own keys.