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Hey!  Thanks for checking out my entry!  I enjoyed watching you play though it!  

I want to apologize in advance for the armored skeleton guy.  I think that he is harder than the actual boss.  Part of the reason is because he sometimes does a second attack after the first one.  He was supposed to give an indication (the red notification that the other skeletons do before they attack) but I completely forgot to put it in...  Game jam game...  

I recently rebalanced the game and put in some changes that make it easier.  I slowed your movement and jump speed down, reduced the delay when you land after jumping, increased the attack distance, and most importantly, gave the player 3 HP   :)  It is much closer to what I was originally intending the game to be.  

Also, that freaking armored skeleton is easier now with the attack indications and multiple HP.

No new content or anything, so you've seen all the game has to offer and I don't expect you to play through it again, but I did want to let you know that I appreciate the feedback and take it all into account!  Thanks!