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Thanks for the review and sorry it took so long to get back to you!  A couple responses to comments you made during the stream:

It isn't Flash.  It is Haxeflixel which is built on OpenFL, which is a port of the Flash API into Haxe. So that's probably why it feels very Flash-like  :)

Some of the things you didn't like about the game (long delays after jumps, single hits, etc) came about because when I started it was going to be a slower paced, Dark Souls like game with more strategic fights, but somewhere in the middle it became more of a quick Ninja-Gaiden like game, so it was bad at both.  Jam games, you know?

Anyway, I updated the game with many of the suggestions you and others made.  The jump delay is cut drastically, the attack distance is larger, you move and roll much less quickly and you have three HP instead of just one.  It makes for a much nicer experience.  

Thanks for the feedback!