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I really like the aesthetic.  After reading the instructions and dying once, it quickly became so easy that I was wondering whether I was progressing or not by just always dodging.  You could take it in a few directions; it looks like others have mentioned destroying enemies.  You could also/alternatively ramp up the difficulty of dodging and make it a "how long can you survive?" objective, with a timer or wave count, possibly with slowly increasing difficulty.  There could also/alternatively be points for hitting targets, or something like that.  I like the way the player bullets come off the player, so it'd be a shame to lose that completely.  I hope you have fun trying out new mechanics in your future endeavours, whether it be expanding on this game, or making something else. :)

Hi thanks alot for playing and leaving me some feedback! I know the game is really easy at the moment and there isnt much in the way of progression currently, although there should be a system that makes the enemies spawn faster and faster but i haven't experienced that yet so it might not be working. So u mean kinda like a bullet hell game where you cant shoot and the enemies are getting ever and ever harder to beat? I like that idea! :D Although as you mentioned it would be sad to lose the shooting :P My initial thought for the game was that this was gonna be something like a "survive for this long" and then you would meet a boss. I might still add in bosses because i've got some cool ideas for them. Anyways now im rambling, a timer or points i really think would incourage people to continue playing along with the difficulty getting higher and higher the longer you survive, so yeah ill definetly try this out :)

Thank you for the feedback and positive words at the end, this is what motivates me to continue making games :D

(Ill check out your game too looks interesting)