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The Ice Cream Wagon makes me want to play Mausritter. The inclusion of a film in this experience is such a novel idea, and one I haven't encountered before - it immediately made me excited to think about the level of immersion that could bring to my players in what is already a very charming shop!

There are several quests available, and I appreciate that they all fit on one page. You have exactly the information required to build up each quest in more detail if you like, which is a freedom I enjoy when running sessions. That I can also just go back to reference a quick paragraph instead of scrolling through multiple pages is a huge plus for me. I appreciate how relationship points with Goodie are tied into quest outcomes. It isn't just "if you fail, you lose them” - the choices you make and how you answer questions make a difference!

The relationship tracker on the final page is, again, delightfully concise. Everything I absolutely need to run this shop is included in an easy to access and read format. I'm also quite keen on the design choices made and appreciate the wintery feel evoked by the page backgrounds and text. Well done!

Thank you for yet another great review @Loira. I'm glad you enjoy my games. Also, a couple of good news -

1. There's actually 2 pages of quests in the full version, not one. Feel free to message me on twitter for the free access. The same goes for any other product of mine!

2. This adventure will soon be translated to DnD engine, so id you play that - you'll be able to experience it, so don't read the edgings page😁