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Lots of changes! I've reworked the controls to hopefully be more intuitive and cut down the number of moves. I'm actually hovering around the code limit, but I have been condensing and polishing so it hasn't been a large problem (yet).

  • Lots of minor tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Revamped controls, essentially you now have Sneak always selected and an optional special move you can select and use. (see link for more in depth details)
  • Every special move can only be performed once per turn. You can perform any number of special moves, but they must be different. When trying to use a special move you've already used, you get no indication.
  • Added another move: Feign! This allows you to feign noise in a direction.
  • Improved flash bomb, it now lights furniture on fire, turning it into a torch.

Check out the updated game here:

Feedback welcome!