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Thank you for playing!

If I'm all honest, I have maybe have only 2, max 3 rough ideas for additional levels. I really thought that part would be easy, but it's my first try at doing actual levels and... it is more difficult than I ever expected.

But I'm glad people want more, must have got something right :)

yeh no stress , i get you level design is the hardest part, i had the same challenges with my game in the jam, it took way more then the code and art to make it and im still not that impressed by it , it just needs time and practice 

Exactly, time and practise. Luckily I can feel progress with every jam, so I know it's hard now but the more you work on it, the better you'll get. So taking few weeks off, but then onto the next one, probably doing horror jam next :P

ouu that sounds good, i might look into that too

That's the one I'm thinking of doing