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Mein Gott, that Victoria theme goes hard! I'm invested in the story and the characters and I'm very sure that something bad will happen to the characters whose stress I neglect... but whenever I'm given the choice I basically auto-click on Victoria because the music gives me such a rush!

I'd say that a lot of the soundtrack does really well - especially in the prologue - but there's one track that I find quite irksome to my ear, it's got kind of a square piano sequence to it - Might be something I'd feel less negatively about it I heard it less frequently (And also I'm always in a groove with the Victoria theme and sad to hear it end.) 

Ah, I've just got to the bit where Lily finally enters the picture... that's such a deep hook! I'm completely engrossed! Such wonderful storytelling! 

And then THAT theme. I'm so sold on this! I'm putty in your hands.

Ahhh thanks so much, I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! If nothing bad's happening to the other characters yet then there's nothing wrong with sticking with just Victoria...right?

I'll fully admit that putting music together isn't my strong suit and I basically go off my gut feeling, so I totally understand that it's not all that great and some of it is overused. With a bit of luck I'd like to commission a few more pieces for the final product, so I hope that when I get that out it's a better experience for you!

Thank you once again for the kind words, I'm humbled that it meets your level of quality!