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Too Many Teeth

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I saw you've put out a new version so I decided to give it another go - I'm still unable to work out the murderer in the first case and I've unfortunately still gotten some crashes, but I've had a lot of fun trying out different names/ages/costs and seeing all of the different reactions. Keep up the good work mate!

Good luck finding someone! I found my artists on Fiverr and Etsy, so if you don't get a lot of people reaching out I'd recommend both of them!

Just played it and filled out the feedback form - awesome start, I'm looking forwards to seeing what comes up next!

Ahhh thanks so much, I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! If nothing bad's happening to the other characters yet then there's nothing wrong with sticking with just Victoria...right?

I'll fully admit that putting music together isn't my strong suit and I basically go off my gut feeling, so I totally understand that it's not all that great and some of it is overused. With a bit of luck I'd like to commission a few more pieces for the final product, so I hope that when I get that out it's a better experience for you!

Thank you once again for the kind words, I'm humbled that it meets your level of quality!

In that case, guess it's time for Detective Bread to be the one solving the cases ;)

Alright, finally got around to playing this - I couldn't get too far because once I hit the 28th nothing loaded, unfortunately. Still, I got through one case, and it was fun!

Absolutely love the aesthetic and the overall style - I did a double-take that it was in Ren'Py and thought that it had been done in Unity for a few moments there, before double-checking the icon. It's sleek as hell, and I love all of the transitions and animations. I also loved that it took into account things like if I showed up super late to the scene of the crime or gave myself a male name. I hope that your choice of appearance affects minor dialogue too; I really liked that mechanic.

I did get quite a few bugs while playing it - a few variables showed up in dialogue boxes as the variable name rather than their actual values, and a few times I opened up a screen and couldn't get out of it. I also clicked on a few of the contradictions and the dialogue didn't reflect what I'd clicked on for the second option. Probably the biggest bug, though, was that if I talked to Nicole/Ariel (the name changes?) on my phone at the start of the game, and chose "Can I copy yours?" the entire game crashed and I had to rollback.

Bigger issue though - I'm too damn dense to solve the case! I had a theory about the murder (poisoned ice cubes) but I didn't really get any information which leaned in that direction...which probably just means that I'm wrong. I accused Clara in the end since she was hiding that she'd made the tea, and predictably was wrong, but still, I had fun thinking about it. I'll definitely go back and try to solve the case again!

Overall I had a great time with the game - I'll be keen to keep an eye on it as it evolves!

Thanks so much for giving it a go - I hope the final product meets your expectations!