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Nice little game =D My best score is 993 ^^ so close to the thousand!

I liked :
- Pixely graphics are the best kind of graphics. Your choice of vibrant color is well made.
- 8bity music is the best kind of music =)
- Very nice application of a scoring concept, would have been fun to try-hard

What I think could be better :
- Balancing? I felt like plateform height jump, even with wall jumping, became more and more impossible. I don't think there's funnier way to make a game difficult (ie: needing more reflexes (speed, precision, etc.))
- Only three double jump is pretty frustrating (and "use them when the generation is too coarse" feels like "this is not a bug, it's a feature" =D Maybe make jump-refill fall from the ceiling that the player has to try to reach ?
- Linked with the precedent, procedurally generated levels are very nice, but it seems like you can create impossible levels (too many spiked plateform, to many small plateform on the same side
- The wall jump feels akward when you can't control the second jump (it forces you far out of the wall)

Thank you for the honest review!

The three double jumps was a big last resort since I wasn't able to really fix the platforms spawning in properly, so yes it is a major bug that I should fix if I get the chance

And I wasn't able to get a working wall jump that you wouldn't be able to abuse and just stick to the wall the entire run so I'll try better on that in the future

If I do remake a lot of this game I'll take these into account!

Thank you!

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As Raivk said, you should be really proud to have produced such a well polished game in 72 hours =D
I find that in gamejams, there are often two kind of games :
- Games finished quickly
- Finished games done quickly
Yours fall in the second category =)