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bro this game is so trippy- not recommended that you play at 2 in the morning but if you want that crazy creepy feel then definitely go for it- though its still creepy if you play it in the day so either way you'll still be left with goosebumps- had to turn off my volume after playing since I live in the country and I couldn't tell if the sounds I was hearing were from my laptop or outside and started feeling uncomfortable- the way the graphics aren't like perfectly crystal clear and all that jazz just makes it 10 times creepier when I get to thinking about how creepy this would be if it happened irl- but then again its still creepy no matter how you look at it- also the hardest part for me to actually play through was the vocab part- I'm not a lit prof so I was just a tit stumped when I realized I wasn't clicking for the audience level but just to test my actual vocab skill- overall I really love horror/spooky games so this was a blast to play going into it with no clue as to how the storyline would unfold- I'll go ahead and recommend to others so they can get a taste of how freaked out I was for a few minutes- (I read this 4 times before posting and yes I mean 'tit' not 'tad' or 'bit'. don't bother trying to correct my grammar because you'll just get hit with words you didn't even know existed or just flat out ignored for your unpleasant ignorance. in short keep it to yourself if you think even for a second someone might get offended before you get cursed out in Japanese and French. ty for reading have a nice day)


Yes. Your grammar is flawless in every way. You are perfection itself.