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eldritch goat

A member registered Dec 05, 2021

Recent community posts

last runthrough for a while, I'm a little burnt out.

craziest thing is, this only took me four hours.

does going through the docks get you anything? I brute forced my way there and want to know whether or not I am wasting my time.

died at level H with 580 high score.

impressive that you made a conversation that requires all 26 letters.

excuse moi wtf is that supposed to mean?

I played it twice. the first time I got rewarded, the second time I got killed.

30 dishes served 2900 coins

(strat: don't use the grill)

-101, never realized how hard doing badly would be

no dodgerolls with only lv 8. I am going to do hitless next.

brutal. I didn't even try weaponless with how hard this one was.

level 56.  2386 souls farmed.

is lv. 100 the max? I got there with 0/4 warnings and couldn't get to lv. 101 with all three tries.

level 43 first try

I was one hit away in hard mode! (unless there's an extra phase.)

man I thought my barber was weird.

Lets goooooooooo!

17 seconds away from record.

it has taken me 3 weeks to get within 22 seconds of the best time (see below)

2:23 sry.



*dies of heart attack*

Yay! Three cheers for the dead parent!

I know.

I stole it while we were talking. chow!

20/10 Mysterious, captivating, it kept me wanting more.

Yes, so I can spend all of your moeny to myself out of jail.

Moeney does fix everything

But you told me you were perfect before you dropped me out the window

Ur the one who threw me to the the streets when I was eight, so I think really do wish my downfall.

Well, at least in jail I get three meals a day without paying.

So, I go underground until my statue of liberation is up.

very nice.

If I just run to canada, I can't be turned in. So lemme buy first class tickets real quick.