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Okay I'm gonna take the first few sentences to sound professional. I just finished the game and I thought it was an amazing game from start to finish. The music was wonderful and the art was adorable, the characters were funny and interesting, and the story was captivating, clever, and wonderful to read.

Okay now to the other comments I have....

Oh my freaking God that was adorable as hell! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and it's not like anything I've read before! I loved the fact that you put the main character in a upper class situation, hid her identity and then just acted like everything was normal. Kiren herself -- I called her Kiren (Not my real name) during the game so I'm just gonna stick with that -- is very relatable and easy to "get along with" in the sense that I wasn't yelling at her, often, due to her obliviousness or for her jumping to conclusions. I found myself constantly agreeing with her or saying things that she would repeat in the next sentence, not to mention the fact that she was a lot like myself in general. It's not often that you find a main character that can be so relatable.

So during my first run through I got the general ending ("Big surprise there." she says sarcastically.) which I found adorable, I mean Kiren got to be a famous chef for crying out loud! (My interpretation of that ending anyway) I found the puzzle mechanics interesting though the "Find the differences" one could have been much clearer on the whole statue thing, I had no idea what differences I was suppose to find, though part of that was probably my fault.

The next one I did was the Count, or "Vampir" as I called him most of the time lol. His character was very sweet and charming, though most princely types are, and I found his relationship with Landon to be adorable. Halfway through his story it pretty much hit me like a freaking train that he was actually Erik the whole time, which was freaking amazing! I never expected that and the explanation behind everything was pretty flawless, at least in my opinion. Near the end of it my heart started to break for him because he was just like, "It doesn't matter because she doesn't care." Oh dear god that hurt me haha. His ending was wonderful and sweet just like his entire story.

Next I did Tyler, or "Wolfy". Dear lord he was sooooooooo freaking CUTE! Shy guys are like my second favorite type in games like this. Watching him become more and more determined to protect Kiren was simply adorable and watching him fall in love with her was even more so. "Would you take a walk with me in the snow!?" I almost died at that part! This story was where I was kinda yelling at her because she was kinda oblivious of his feelings the whole time. I also loved the fact that he was so passionate with music and you could almost hear the joy he felt while he talked about it.

Finally, (and this was my favorite one) I did Landon's or, as I liked to call him, Bandages McJerkface. Now before I get into his, I must explain that this is my all time favorite type of guy when it comes to these otome games. That's why I saved him for last. From start to finish I was constantly yelling at him and fighting back along with Kiren, because god damn he is a freaking jerk. I was very interested in seeing his reactions to certain things, my favorite one was when I "kissed" Erik. That was the best because he got sooooo possessive after that and it was so adorable because it was like he had no idea what he was feeling towards her and all he knew was that no one else was allowed to be near her but him. And then at the end when he was trying to explain everything while drunk it was heart wrenching because every word that came from his mouth just dug himself deeper and deeper into a hole. His was definitely my favorite rout to take, and I also liked the Unicorn part quite a bit.

Overall this was a wonderful game to play and I wish it wasn't over. I always hate when amazing VN's end. I commend everyone who worked on this and I will be looking out for more projects in the future, I'm very excited to see what you come up with. Though I wish for a sequel though I know it wont happen, so I'll just settle for other stories to read and fall in love with. Thank you for this wonderful experience and for working so hard on this for us. Sorry this was so long to read but what can I say, I truly enjoyed it.


We've said it before and we'll say it again: we absolutely love long comments!

It's nice to hear that all the boys got some love. Bandages McJerkface - an apt description.

It might not be a sequel, but the Halloween Otome Fan Book has extra scenes and info that was not included in the game. On the other hand, our next game, Valentines Otome, is a loose sequel in which you play as Mira and get glimpses of how the relationship from Halloween Otome is going (you get to choose which Halloween Otome guy got the girl). Sadly, Valentines Otome is still in development and far from finished, but it is already over 200K words long!

I'm glad you enjoyed my comment and my nickname for Landon lol. I'll definitely have to check out the fan book and I'm already super excited for the Valentines Otome, I'm looking forward to it. ^-^