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I would like to say that it looks like a very great and diffrent game but there is one problem. When ever i start the game and click start new game it loads then goes to a black screen. The reason i know its done loading is names come up on my cursor sometimes. If you can help me it would be really great because im wanting to record this game. Thank you for your time.

Hey there, if you want to help me solve the problem, try this:

- Grab this special debug build of the game: http://streetsofrogue.com/sortest.zip

- Run the game and get the black screen.

- Go to the StreetsOfRogue_Data directory and send the output_log.txt file to matt dot a dot dabrowski at gmail dot com

This will let me know if and where an error occurred.

im not the creator of the game but i know that some games glitch out when you record it. i know this becuse im a youtuber and tried to record champions online, so im saying that some games cant be recorded. im gostman101 and i hope they fix your proble