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This is Beautiful. Wow. I've been in a dark place recently, and I'm glad I stuck it through to the end. This broke me, but in a good way. I came away from this feeling better than going in, and I thank you for it.

Not sure if this part was intentional, but on my second time through I ended it. I went into the files and figured out how to start back on the second arc. The controller in the house was back in the kitchen again, and the writing on the walls originally present in the second run through was gone. 

This was amazing, and has opened my eyes to more than I thought a game could. Thank you for making this. 

Thank you for your kind words! I am really glad it resonated well with you. :) 

Some of the files are needed to trigger some of the texts. For example, in the Dream level, with the house, the nuclear file has to be present for it to be different. :) 

Sir please tell me what will happen to my computer if I get the bad ending????

I need to know..

The only thing that happens if you take the bad ending is that your desktop background will change, and you will not be able to play the game again (unless you reset it).


Do I just Restart my computer and my background will be normal?? Also again I thank you for this game... its opened me a area of games I never knew about. I love the game so far, though I'm having trouble on chapter 9.