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This is a big one.

  • Can attack torches. More object interaction.
  • Cleaned up some sprites and smoothed up transitions.
  • Basic scripted tutorial that will run you through the basics and provides a place to test moves.
  • Single player in the Twisted Mansion! With:
    • Basic state-based AI. I will improve this.
    • A generated predictable puzzle to get through the mansion.
    • Win/lose conditions. However! The after winning there is an encounter yet to be implemented.
  • Some bug fixes.

Here's the new tutorial.

Single player when you clear the room.


More to come, including:

  • Sound and music.
  • More polish: UI, sprites, lore, etc.
  • AI improvements.

You can play in the browser here:

I'm sure there are some bugs that still need squashing.