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Went to 3700 =D Nice little game =)

What I liked :
- The player have to make compromises, it's good. I love seeing two path with ores, little time left, and having to take a decision
- Toon-y graphics, feels smooth
- Feet noises =D

What I think could be better :
- Make the player die when in contact with lava, obviously =)
- The game don't give me my cursor back after a game, I had to restart it to click on the play button again
- At first, I felt like the head movement on camera was a bit too high and felt nauseous =/
- Static level would make the scoring competition a game of who-knows-it-by-heart-the-best, consider procedural generation?
- The interface could be a little more polished. The use of basic font and classic flat buttons give a impression of quikly-made (not that it's wrong for a 72h game, but you see what I mean ^^)

Thanks for the feedback!