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My review: 5/5

I played this lovely little game with my family for a game night get together. We always watched spy movies growing up so we a had a great handle on the tropes for this kind of genre. We sat down at the dinner table with a print out of the rules and a deck of cards and figured out together. Even my parents, who had never played a roleplaying game before, got right into it with our dapper avian agents. The blackjack mechanic was really fun and easy and fit so nicely with the theme. We managed to thwart a villainous cat's iceberg-cutting laser by infiltrating their hidden casino island all while creating so many laughs. Truly joyous experience.

I'm glad you and your family had a great time playing! Thank you for sharing! A villainous cat's iceberg-cutting laser and a casino island?! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!