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That was a very fascinating experience!

To be honest, I was once recommended a game with a concept similar to this one (walking game with art) but the art was just random stuff thrown around so, it really wasn't interesting to look at. When I read about the concept of your game, I was really worried that I might find something similar but hopefully, this experience was way more organized and coherent than the last one.

The visuals looked really interesting, and the controls felt really great so, it was a bliss to venture inside this awesome world! I know that you said in the description that this game is actually heavy inspired by an old PS1 game but still, props for this masterpiece!

Feedback (to go even further beyond!!!):

Hum. Nothing. I can't point out anything that should be enhanced. It's like... everything felt right, which is good lol. 😂

Last word:

That was great. Nothing more to say. I really hope you guys keep making great stuff! Congrats!