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A great concepts that needs a bit work. 

I had a lot of problems with the many controls which were too complex in combo with the puzzles, the time limit and the monsters. So I fully agree with the monotonist, it's too much to take in and learn in such a short amount of time (and in general for this kind of game). 

That being said, your concept and environment is so gorgeous that I really hope you keep on working on either this game or other ones because clearly, you know how to tell an engaging story and you have some cool ideas for interesting gameplay. It was just a little too ambitious for such a short indie game. 

I got so confused which buttons/mousewheels and whatnot did what action but I really enjoyed everything else. And these are things you can learn and read up on. Creating engaging premises and stories as well as atmospheric environment is what will put you in the spotlight once you nail the gameplay elements.