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Hey! Yeah the game could really use proofreading, but the problem so far has been that I don't have the script written down anywhere. This makes it difficult for any proofreader to go through the text. I've been planning on taking the time to make a script for this exact purpose, but it hasn't been high enough on the priority list so far, so it still remains to be done...

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, it's too bad that there's no script/some text file available, but I understand perfectly how you probably have other important things to take care of at the moment.

If/whenever you finally get around to make something a proofreader could work with, I would definitely like to take a shot at it and hopefully help out somehow. I write short horror stories regularly (among other things) so I'm very, very familiar with the re-reading/re-writing process, and making sure that I always get everything right.

So yeah, unless you already have other people lined up, let me know if you ever feel like letting me having a look!