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Love this game! I'm really into puzzle games, and so this fits right in. I like that in the beginning you've got all the time to think, and then all of a sudden you have to start strategically thinking really fast because there are bombs everywhere. Although I feel that some levels are a bit too fast (difficulty could ramp a bit slower), I really liked it. Good job!

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Well this is my first attempt at a puzzle game so I don't have much experience designing levels really. I pretty much haphazardly threw some blocks and traps on the level and checked if it was beatable. I did re-arrange some levels in an attempt to lessen the difficulty curve, but in the end it was still kinda steep, my apologizes.

If I decide to update the game at some point (which I have been considering a bit), I will try to ease the difficulty curve and maybe make few more levels.  :)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! I will definitely keep these things in mind going forward.

That's cool, designing puzzles is one of the hardest things... ever ;) So keep going and you'll automatically become better. You could definitely work on this more, that'd be cool. Make it like a mobile game, like snakebird!