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Update - PICO-8 Cartridge Available

Working today but I have a decently playable versus game (needs 2 players). It needs polish, tutorial, and a single player mode to test abilities.

Currently the moves are (success and failure will be indicated on screen as green and red borders, respectively):

  • Mobility:
    • Move, move 1 space. Will make noise if you run into an object or wall/column .  Succeeds when move is made unobstructed. *Makes you stand up if prone*
    • Dash, same as move except 2 spaces. Will make a quiet sound no matter what.  Succeeds when move is made unobstructed. *Makes you stand up if prone*
    • Prone, makes you prone so throws go over you (flash bombs, knives).  Succeeds if you were not prone.
    • Move Obj, pushes an object, you stay in the same spot. Succeeds when there is a pushable object and it was pushed (nothing in the way). *Makes you stand up if prone*
  • Offense
    • Throw Knife, throws a knife in a straight line in direction. If it hits a wall or object it makes a noise. Succeeds if hits something fleshy.
    • Slash, 3 spots immediate in front of you in direction. Makes noise if it hits an object or wall. Succeeds if hits something fleshy.
    • Lay Trap, lays one trap next to you in direction. Succeeds if the trap was laid successfully (spot was unoccupied). *You can only have 1 active trap, remember where it is*
    • Flash Bomb, throws a flash bomb like a knife. Will reveal whatever it hits and the area around for a short time. Always succeeds.
  • Defense
    • Sense Area, checks if there is someone in a direction. This is a full rectangle scan in the direction you choose. So someone more up than left will still be sensed when choosing left.
    • Sense Trap, scans in the same way as Slash attacks. Success if there is a trap in one of the three squares.
    • Lay Decoy, lays a dummy that can throw off sensors. Success if placed and square is not occupied (similar to trap). *You can only have 1 active decoy, remember where it is*
  • Utility
    • Light Match, reveals your location for a short time

Enjoy and lemme know what you think!


  • Player 1: Up, Down, Left, Right, and Z, X
  • Player 2: E, D, S, F, and L-shift, Tab

To come:

  • More room types. Better random generation.
  • More furniture interaction. Attacking torches, etc.
  • Single player mode in a Twisted Mansion, with tutorial option.
    • 3 AIs: guard, dog, and enemy rogue.
  • 4 remaining Move slots filled to round things out.
  • UI polish, and sprite polish.