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Thanks! Yeah most of the art/music is unfinished. I was just trying to fill in the blanks so I can get all of the core game out of the way. The player art was just a quick mockup; there'll be equippable armor that changes your appearance eventually, and each class will start with a different base set.

With the movement I'm aiming for like King's Field era fromsoft. Incredibly slow and chunky, making everything a deliberate action. But yeah, I've noticed that it's kind of unbearably slow from playing so much. I actually did increase sprint speed by like x3, and the dodge sends you significantly further than it used to. I'll probably end up making movement faster, but the movement is tied to the animation so I could make it feel slower on purpose: you only move forward on "step" frames, so that's why it feels so god-awfully slow. Each time I make the player faster it feels like I'm compromising what the original intent with this game was, but playability is the most important thing, and I'm sure there are other ways to convey the chunkiness I want.

Thanks again for playing, I really appreciate it!