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I was sceptical when I first downloaded this but I'm happy to say  I was wrong, this game isgreat! Apart from the lack of music and particles (as said in the WIP) the overall aesthetic of this game is brilliant, the generation of the colours and the land go well with the colours of the rest of the game. For a game made of cubes it looks amazing. 

There are a few things that I would have liked to see:

  • Sound
  • Music (Epic music for the criteria)
  • Different controls (Arrows / WSAD and Space)
  • More variety in the paths, making them more challenging.

Thank you for playing and for your kind comment. I've added a new version with more controls schemes and a few more obstacles. I had in plan even more obstacles with level progression and stuff but not much time left. For the music I did not manage to make anything suitable,  maybe I'll try something after the jam.