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I just purchased this game, but it doesn't let me click new game, even tho it's white, but Continue is grey and it allows me to do that, but once after completing the kitchen level, it only says "replay" without any option of continuing, can you please help me?


Can you please check if there's a file named "dl.sav" inside the game folder? This file should be at "Deaths Life_Data\Save" folder.

We suspect that the folder where you extracted/installed the game doesn't allow to save data. Can you tell us where did you extracted/installed the game please?


Umbu Games

I downloaded it after purchasing from itch.io to my desktop. I run both mac & windows. There is no save folder.

You can try two things:

  1. Move all the files ("Deaths Life.exe" and the folder "Deaths Life_Data") to another folder, away from desktop, and try to run the game from there.
  2. Try to run the game as administrator: right click "Deaths Life.exe" -> Run as administrator. Click Yes on the dialog.
Seems that you don't have permission to save data on the Desktop, then the game can't create the save folder and files.

You can also download and install the itch.io app for Windows, using it you will have automatic updates for the game in the future: https://itch.io/app

Let us know if worked.

Umbu Games