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I bought this game about a month ago and i didn't get any steam key for it,is there anything i need to do like sending email or something to get a steam key? thank you ^^

Hey sorry for the late response! Can you contact me via email so I can give you the Steam key? It's a little incovenient, but so far it's the best way I've come up with handing out the steam keys.

Ah it's alright I already asked killswitch for it on discord lol,kinda forgot I posted on here but thanks anyway,game's great ^^

I would like to get the steam key as well, but cannot find where your email address is posted.  Enjoying the game so far!   thx

Disregard previous request for Steam key -- I've been enjoying the game enough that I went ahead and purchased it on Steam as well.  Mainly because I wanted to keep it updated easier and not run into the OS X permissions issue with saves. You should know that developer's email is not being passed along on purchase from (at least it did not for me) so I'm not sure how anyone can request the key from you.  Nonetheless, I have no problem with having made the additional purchase.  I'm happy to support the development efforts on this game!