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This is such a beautiful game, anything that has a hand-drawn style immediately gets my attention!

Of course, there does need to be some decent gameplay too, and this game definitely has that too! A really intriguing story, some very well put together puzzles and a nice user-friendly interface (well, for the most part!). There was a little bit of confusion on my end on how certain aspects of the inventory worked, but once I'd figured it out I had no issues afterwards.

The game's also fun of colourful characters who each bring their own humorous (or imposing) twist to the story, and it was a genuine pleasure to meet them all!

This was a very enjoyable experience, and though some of the grammar was a bit off I still managed to piece together what was meant, and it didn't take away from the overall feel of everything too much.

Keep up the awesome work, this was a blast! =)