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Hi Michael! I finally managed to finish the game yesterday. Here's my thoughts.

I think this is, for now, my favorite of your games. It needs tons of polish, that's for sure, but it was made for a game jam/contest, and you had limited time to work on it, so I understand that you had to focus on the game mechanics instead of details and graphics.

I really liked the overall idea of the game: the mechanics are simple but every boss has its specific behaviour and you have to change your strategy every fight. This helps to maintain the game fresh and fun.

However there are some problems here and there: first of all, the commands aren't very clear so I couldn't understand my skills at first sight. Second, enemies can be a little unpredictable and they can destroy your strategy in a blink of an eye.

The aesthetics and graphic design in general needs to be improved too. I like the retrò style, but the visual design is unclear and the color might be too much vibrant and sometimes it gets hard to watch the screen.

Dialogues and texts in general are confusing and the game needs some kind of proof reading and fixing.

The music is cool. I liked most of the tracks used in the game.

This game is a raw gem: take your time to think and work on it! You'll make a great game!

(I'll post this as a review too, if you don't mind)