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I seem to be having trouble with the second activated suncube puzzle (The one where the note is partially ruined by water) I tried to put the suncube into the top slot by holding left click on the slot but it just partially zooms into the slot and doesn't put the cube into the slot. At first i thought i was too far away but i got as close as I could and still couldn't manage. I tried reloading the save and everything put it didn't fix it. The other cubes go into their slots fine its just the top one. I even tried to put a different coloured cube. No luck. I didnt have this problem with the other puzzle in the basement so im a little stumped. Im playing on mac too.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


P.S I love the art style!


Many people have some trouble at this point... because i'm sorta introducing a new KIND of puzzle late in the game. The problem is you can't reach up there, yes. That is a feature, not a bug. Look around in the environment for something to use to get up there...

Oh so it's part of the puzzle! Intriguing. I like it :)