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[code] I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While running game code: File "game/Map2.rpy", line 456, in script File "game/Map2.rpy", line 456, in NameError: name 'NotYourBuziness' is not defined -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback: File "game/Map2.rpy", line 456, in script File "/data/user/0/MAX.DEV/files/renpy/", line 1656, in execute if renpy.python.py_eval(condition): File "/data/user/0/MAX.DEV/files/renpy/", line 1749, in py_eval return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals) File "/data/user/0/MAX.DEV/files/renpy/", line 1743, in py_eval_bytecode return eval(bytecode, globals, locals) File "game/Map2.rpy", line 456, in NameError: name 'NotYourBuziness' is not defined [/code] 

While playing it again taking other choices,the game gave me it at the second day,I guess. Tough I'll just ignore and continue playing hahaha

oh,I found some scene errors with Jean. He is talking with me in my office,but during the dialogue his Sprite is changing. One sec he is with a hat,the other isn' one he has a weapon in his back,and the other don''s strange haha

Also,I discovered you can die in the game o.O it shocked me haha

I believe these bugs are fixed in this new update, please tell me if they are not, or if you find more bugs! 
The game would be no fun without some deaths!

it is only fun when the enemy dies...but not you or the character that you're trying so hard to get in a relationship 🤣 it was really a surprise to me that both me and the sergeant can die...oh,and I think there were soldiers that died in that scene too,tough the narration doesn't even talk about them...poor soldier

error at the cell with the bull...or...sheep..i guess..looking guy