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Hello. I discovered the game yesterday looking around in twitch. It seems promising. Even tough there isn't much story yet and there lots of grammatical errors,I liked what I saw so far. Also,the story is very thrilling and captivating...most of the time I was imagining myself in the story - and the time I wasn't is because I was thinking about the wrong English hahaha.

I'm curious to see how it will develop.

Tough the art is pretty basic,I liked it. Tough simple,it is very cute and good...makes me think of simple and humble too haha. The expressions are very good too. Tough they're not full of details,like pro artists,you can easily get what that expression is and the emotions in it,which I think is very important in a VN,as it also helps to make you feel more like yourself is participating in the plot,instead of just being a 3rd person viewing it all from outside.

That bunny doctor gives me chills too... I only played one time,so I don't know the other routes yet - I'll play after this comment,I think -,but man,I still don't like that bunny haha. The sergeant seems to be a good character,even tough it is a bit hard to initiate an amicable relationship with him... So far,I liked Jean the most. Se is so cute ^-^. Plus,I think a NSFW with him would be very interesting... hehe. He is so ambiguous a lot of times. I was shocked when he was introduced,as he basically just showered with me after some greeting...but it was interesting, and I liked 😉

I don't remember now,but I think there wasn't some sort of transition bugs - at least the route that I played so far. The only thing that I saw were English errors and,in the android version that I played, it was annoying to start the game,as the keyboard was above the Start button,and above the customization buttons too...I needed to make the keyboard little and let the phone in vertical to be able to play...without even knowing the customization options ;-; oh,other thing too,in the menu,when you change the language to Ru,the main menu doesn't changes the,if you didn't saw that the color of the idiom selected changed,you need to start the game to know.

I'm a bit curious...are you Russian? I think that is the first VN that I see in Russian...and probably the second game I see - at least to me it seems like it happens in Russian territory - in Russia. The other one was Metro Exodus haha. Tough I'm not gonna play I'm Russian,as I  only know one word in Russian that doesn't even helps me,and I still say it wrongly:  Русский.

Oh,something that I missed a bit was the date. Like...I was thinking of report the grammar errors I found,but there is no reference in game time to use,except the actual you plan in implementing days in the future?

I think I already saw it somewhere...but do you plan in doing sex scenes? Or just more NSFW scenes, like Jean in his white underwear - which makes him looks even more hot hehe - ?

Well,anyway,liked the game. Congratulations for the work already done and I do hope you continue the project. I'll be waiting - probably a little anxious - to see if you do post an update this month,as it is near the end of February ^-^

See ya, kiss in the cock o/

oh,before I forgot it. There were some dialogues that were hard to read...actually I think there was only one at the beginning of the game. If I do remember correctly it was a talk with Jean,and it was a bit hard to read due to the words almost mingling with the snow in the background 🤣

Hi Mukjz! Thanks for the biggest review I have ever received! Sorry for the grammatical errors, my English is not very good, but Sean from Ottercorrect Literature Services is trying to fix it (Poor boy, it's a lot of work).

The project still has a long way to go and it has a lot to improve, but we are working on it! Hroft32 is saving me with the drawings, none of us are professional, but he has a lot of potential, while I should return to the stickman drawings hahaha. Hroft32 is also responsible for the Russian translation, I am from Brazil, I do not know anything about Russian.

The android version is still a problem to be solved, I believe we will need to make a different code especially for it, a bit of work but not difficult.

Implementing the date is a good idea, worth a try.

There will be sex scenes in the game, I still need to work the story to lead to this, but I can say that it is not far from happening XD.

I really appreciated everything you said, thank you very much. Let's work on improving every topic you have!

The new update is now available, I hope you enjoy the changes!

that itch didn't even notified me about your comments...I only saw it now,sorry. 

Lol,I was thinking you were Russian or USA. Também sou brasileiro :P  bom que facilita a comunicação haha

Hmmm interessante que vai ter cenas de sexo 🌚 realmente,imagino que tu ainda esteja fazendo a história,afinal,está bem no começo o desenvolvimento.

Realmente...ele vai ter que corrigir muita coisa hahaha

Eu vi suas artes no FA,não são tão horríveis quanto você faz parecer. :P

Nossa...agora que me dei conta de uma tu também é brasileiro quer dizer que tu tava acordado e na internet as 3 da manhã? 😱 dormir faz bem criatura 🤣

Eu desenvolvo melhor de madrugada, mas ainda não dormi haha

Rapaz, espero que você não tenha ficado ofendido quanto ao seu post, ele vai ser muito útil pro projeto! Mas não dava para manter ele aqui nos comentários .

Sim, ainda estou desenvolvendo a história, gasto mais tempo rescrevendo coisas do que escrevendo coisa nova haha, mas ainda tem muito por vir.

Tem um Russo e um Norte Americano me ajudando com o projeto, dei muita sorte!

Meus desenhos são terríveis, os primeiros servem só pra rir, mas ainda to aprendendo tb.

Ah,tá explicado. Você é bem exótico 🤣 A maioria das pessoas desenvolvem melhor tipo de tarde ou no fim da manhã. Caraca, vai dormir fi 😱

Nah,de boa. Eu realmente imaginei que tinha muito spoiler 🤣🤣 espero ter ajudado. E ainda tem tipo uns 20 print de coisa que achei q não havia mandado aqui. Te envio no e-mail. 

Ah,mas mesmo reescrevendo ajuda a dar inspiração. Fora que tem coisa que realmente precisa ser reescrita kkkk

Que daora. Mas isso me deixa muito curioso...como que tu conheceu um russo e conseguiu ajuda dele? Norte Americano da para entender,já que né,inglês hoje em dia é essencial,mas russo tá bem longe do mesmo 🤣🤔

Ah,mas rir também é importante :P é, e tu só vai aprender fazendo...mesmo se os primeiros são horríveis,tu vai aprendendo por tentativa e erro 😊