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Dude... the 3D effect in 2D...just how... I've been struggling to do something like this myself... just how...


I made this game using pico-8, a 2D engine which is powered by the Lua language. I posted the source code here:

That being said, it's a little hard to follow, since I had to cut a lot of corners to make it fit in a pico-8 file. I had planned to do a write-up, but there has not been a whole lot of community interest, and I would rather work on new things. I'ld be happy to shoot you some advice if you have questions about implementing this in pico8 or another engine!

I primarily use Construct 2 myself, which is based on JavaScript, but uses an event system, you can code your own plugins for it externally, but otherwise its all visual interface, so for me I'm really just interested in the theory behind how it all works! I can figure out implementation not to badly, unless there's a bunch of trig, I tend to get held up with more complicated trig... How versatile do you feel it could be? My goal is  to do a sort of 2D breath of the wild type of camera