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I played it a bit and was interesting. Hope you do continue with the project. 

The arts were really good. It was you who made it? You said you started drawing recently,but the art looks like something of an experienced drawer 🤔 anyway,I liked the art. Good backgrounds. That map was interesting too,tough you probably needs to change it later,as it is like they live in a farm looking at the map hahaha.

Loved the art for...o forgot their names lol...Mr Stone? And...I think it was Gil... they're all cute,but I liked more the art of those two haha.

There are some errors in English and scene transitions,but you probably are correcting it.

I want to see how the story will develop ^-^I only think that start progress too in 1 day they're as intimate as if they knew one another for is weird 

Good work anyway,and congratulations for all that was already achieved. I'll be waiting for more :D

Heya, it was me who did the art for this game, at least the sprites. The rest are found on the internet, with permission, ofc.

thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it!

As for day 1, there will be some backstory as the story progresses.