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I discovered this game looking around at started to play it like 3min ago and sees interesting ^-^ well,at least I liked the arts and loved the menu...that gallery of music's,images and characters was a very good idea. 

By the way,you made some sort of shared document in Google docs or something of the like to report bugs/typos? I found one typo with the English... day 1,when talking to the guy with glasses: "You could feel that everyone looking at you for a split second and then shifting back to Mr. Stone." (There is a "was" missing after "everyone")

English isn't my main idiom too and even tough I can communicate in English,I too make a lot of errors...english is a pain the ass to me 🤣 

Yeah, I made a google docs, but I'm deleting it for now. I'll add it back once I'm done fixing everthing.

And thanks for pointing it out, I'll discuss it with my editor! 

And same, oh boy, English is too hard for me; I'm trying, though.