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There is a lot of good feedback in that video!

  • I'll be adding fullscreens support to my next game.
  • A LOT of people thought space should be jump, you are not the minority. I've already taken that into consideration for my game Love is Blind, and my current game Zombies Ate My Teacher.
  • Everyone thought Burnizard should be able to fly... So I've been considering adding that.
  • Obviously, the game is very short. My current project, Zombies Are My Teacher, I've picked a 3 week jam, so I have more time to develop more content.
  • If I do add another level to this game, then I'll likely also add flying for Burnizard.
  • I knew I should have let you select your minimon with the keyboard... I'll have to do that next time
  • The game actually supports gamepads! It's untested though... I'll make sure to make that more clear (as well as test it) in my next game.

Thank you so much for your candid feedback, it really helps!