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This VN has quite a lot of potential~  The scenario is very interesting, with plenty of avenues for future fleshing out: I'd love to learn more about where Eden came from and how she ended up the way she did, for one, or about Em and the others who were in the bunker, or even about the world at large and what happened prior to the events of RadiAngel—all the more so in a world where the mundane and the fantastical are intermingled and juxtaposed so, an aesthetic near and dear to my heart, heheh.

I'm also rather taken with the art style, especially that of the portrait sprites!  I have a soft spot for monochrome art and shading via dithering, you see, heheheh.  To that end, I would've loved to have seen more art of Em and Eden, whether in the form of a couple more sprites for each of them or perhaps as another CG or two like the one we got of Eden.  Likewise, with how nice the one background music track was, adding another track or two would make the experience that much stronger, I warrant: For example, think if the reader got hit with a more tense and heavy sound just as Em got hit with her nausea...

All of that being said, I really enjoyed reading this VN, and I'm looking forward to seeing whatever you might make in the future~