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This game is just lovely!

I managed to trigger a hang (in the Flash version at least) by dying to a trap after playing a card that permits me to take another action (in this case, a sword with another sword in my hand).  It looks like it's waiting for me to play the other sword or end my turn, but I'm dead so I can't.

Edit: Given that the game is (often) deterministic, especially considering how much damage you will take after a given action (e.g. because monsters will get a turn or a bomb/trap will hit you), it might be nice to indicate somehow that taking a certain action will result in your death.  For instance, when targeting the effect of a card, it could highlight the target in red or show some tooltip text warning you that such an action would be your last.

To me, this is like the concept of check in chess.  There, players aren't even allowed to take an action that would result in immediate game loss, though in this game, actions resulting in death can still make sense if, e.g., you get a souvenir or a few stars to count towards a gift.

Granted, it may be very tricky to even determine if an action will result in death in certain circumstances.  For instance, defeating enough monsters to reach the next power-up might let you increase (and refill) your will, but could also easily give you power-up options that aren't able to save you from the immediately following attacks.

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I've observed two other bugs:

One, in the souvenir selection screen, if you click a souvenir (bringing up the confirmation button) but then click Restart, the active souvenirs are cleared as normal but the confirmation button remains and works.  As such, once you have access to 3 souvenirs, it is possible to repeat the above process to activate souvenirs as far right as you want, skipping the ones on the left.

Second, somehow defeating one cerberus head and letting it respawn removed the stairs, which were in the same row.  Also, while I'm not sure if it's related or indeed a bug, using a mirror card on cerberus heads reflected damage to other monsters.  Edit: Refreshing did not bring the stairs back, so I had to abandon the game.

Thanks for your feedback.

The "check" (chess) hint is a very cool idea ! But yes it's tricky as you said. Once, I  was thinking of showing the amount of damage you will take during monsters turn. It's more or less the same idea. You can still try to level up and hopefully get a "will" upgrade...

Thanks for other bugs reports ! Really helpfull, I'm working on the new version.