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I purchased the plugin and download everything to Mac for use with Ableton. Unfortunately when I go to use the plugin (MiniMetersServer) It simply says "currently sending audio to MiniMeters" But Nothing is being displayed. 

I tried to go onto Discord for help solving this issue but when clicking on the link it says "the invite is no longer available".

I do not have twitter either.

I would appreciate help in solving this issue.

Thank you,

Hey, sorry you're running into the issue. I just tried the discord link and it appears to still be working, but no worries.

I have had a couple macOS users run into this issue with the plugin. I am working on an update that will likely address the issues however you can test if it's working by opening the plugin in Ableton, opening your web browser, and navigating to http://localhost:8422/data. If it doesn't load any information then likely something is blocking the connection.

Hey this should be fixed as of 0.8.6. Please let me know if you have any issues with the new version.