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Please don't worry, this is not a competition, so it's fine as long as it was a mistake, and you know that the score is not that of the jam version.

Again (I explained this at Discord) scores are another way to receive feedback on the game, and in what areas it's lacking. More so than a competition, since there is no price or real merit other than having the opinion of other great developers.

This is also a reason why rating is locked to those with entries or the contributors of said entries, it's not a popularity contest nor do we have a judge panel qualified enough to rate and judge entries which vary so much on genre and mechanics.

So please, don't feel bad nor forfeit from the jam, it's fine, you made a mistake and tried to fix it, and you are publicly apologizing, I really won't press this any further.

If possible please rate and leave feedback in as many entries you can! Best way to show you are sorry haha