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Hey there! Love your plugin. Been using it for quite some time for a personal project of mine.  I just had two questions real quick!

1. I've been trying to implement some transparent tiles, theres some that are actually included in your default "cloudy temple" tileset, such as a gate, or the like. However, when i place these tiles over standard meshes, they don't appear as expected. Am I missing some step, perhaps?

2. Once I eventually finish this small project, I would like to credit you for this amazing tool. What method would you prefer for credit?


Thanks for using the tool, I'm really glad it's been helpful!

The issue with transparent tiles is that transparency is handled by the shader/material on your object, so if you want transparent textures you have to switch the shader settings on your GameObject from "Opaque" to "Transparent" or "Cutout", or switch it to a shader that can process transparent textures.

Really kind of you to want to credit me, thanks! I don't need a name credit but if you want to credit the tool, a note along the lines of "Made using Mesh Edit" or something in the credits like that would be amazing! Thanks again for the offer, I'm looking forward to seeing what you're working on :)

Excellent. Thank you for the tip involving the shader for transparent pixels. Once my project is further along, I'd be glad to share with you!