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Finally got around to playing Gnarl's route and I'm LIVING FOR IT. I love the comfortably flirty atmosphere and oh? Gnarl's been away and out of contact for three months? And is evasive about it? Love this mystery! And I love the balance between being mad at Gnarl and worried about them.

"Jerk," you snap, laying perfectly still to let your body just absorb the humiliation.  Fave line

The over-broccoli confrontation was sooo suspenseful and convincing that I felt jittery and still do tbh.

"What a thing to say to someone who knows every spot that you're ticklish." Love how this shows they've definitely knowing each other for years.

At first I thought the player could only lose the card game, but then I played through again bc I'd forgotten to save and accidentally won. I loove the various ways the game, and every other conversation, can turn out and all the options you give. 

Same goes for Valerian's route, so many choices! The chase down the hall was fun and adorable, Valerian is definitely Too Smooth. "You're sitting on him, what." I'm dyING.

And the description of his eyes is beautiful!

Everything feels so well-developed and I'm so damn excited to see where this goes!


I looooooove yooooooouuuuuuuu. I'm also happy to know that both winning and losing the card game was an option because my god I could only test it so many times before jesus has to take the wheel and whatever happens happens. And !! I'm glad the choices seem plentiful I was kind of waffling about if I had enough or not. Think the next round is gunna let yall flesh out the character a bit more !!