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Hi Girkov, thank you for your answer. I will tell my experiences:

1. The text-box at the bottom takes only 49 letters, when I type there. It is not possible to put more.

2. When I copy text from a text file, I can insert more, than 49 letters, but only 49 are visible. When I click "WRITE" the programm writes without stopping, though the letters after letter 49 are chaotic and without line-wrap. I will have to close the program to use it again.

3. The program does not process special characters as e.g. German Umlaut (ä, ö, ü) or ß. As well as some other as [ or } (what is not so important).

4. A line-wrap also would be great.

Thank you for your attention and kind regards,


Unfortunately, this software was trained on an English-language dataset. I do not have access to a compatible German version. If you like, I could patch the app to automatically map ä,ö,ü,ß to ae,oe,ue,ss. But I know that may not be a particularly satisfying solution.

Can I ask if you’re using a copy of the app built from source code purchased here, or simply the prebuilt version from Github? Only the latter should have a ~50 character limit.