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Oh gosh, hey thanks! I'm glad you liked my stuff and checked out so much of it!!! :D

My Master is a Naga is done and finished, and will have no more made (sorry-- there is a book though!) but Space School updates once every week, every week:

And the Solanaceae: Prologue comic is updating too!

I've also got a TON of exclusive comics and early game stuff up on my Patreon if you don't mind paying a little dosh to help support me (just $5 goes a long way)

I'll be sure to check Space School and Solanaceae: Prologue every week! I can't become a Patreon right now which really annoys me but I hopefully will soon!

I'll be here when you're ready and I'm glad you're enjoying my stuff! <3

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I'm glad you're making it! Keep up the good work and good luck with future projects!~ <3 ^^- ahh sorry I've commented a lot, I didn't mean to be a bother ^^'

Oh no worries! I like the comments (they are fun to read) and they actually help out my game statistics a lot too!


Ah that's good that te small chat we've had has been fn for you to read!^^ I personally like talking to people but I find it kind of sad that doesn't have DMs ^^'

Oh yeah, I love talking to people too-- and actually comments and e-mails work better for me than DM cuz I'm way too busy for DMs! To each their own, y'know?

That actually makes sense since DMs can get unorganised very fast and everything gets muddled from there on. I use email a lot now since im going to be writing a Webtoon Comic for a friend. We need to keep in touch pretty much constantly

Nice! That'll be fun!